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Invitation to the Voyage

Title: Invitation to the Voyage
Fandom: LXG, original characters and fiction
Characters: Vivienne, Meredith Garret, various other OC's
Prompt 1: Devout
Rating: R
Warnings: Non-graphic rape, violence, language, sexual situations (het and femmeslash), vampires and werewolves, various narcotics
Word Count: 2700
Disclaimer: I own very little in this life.
Summary: When friends come calling with forbidden fruit, who is Vivienne to refuse? Of course no one would accuse Meredith Garret of being particularly sweet. . .
Author's Notes: So I should be finishing Tabitha's story but I couldn't help myself from venturing into this Parisian underworld (and for those few who know Vivienne know it is impossible to resist her). She and Emile are my creations. Nicholas belongs to thenerdygirl (go check out her stuff @ lucidreamsfics) and Meredith and Mikhail are j_raven's. This story takes place during the later end of 1899, after my story C.H.U.D.s in the Highlands, but you don't have to read that to understand this. Please forgive my horrible French. Title is from a Charles Baudelaire poem of the same name.

Read here @ greenbat_fics

Underworld: Sunrise, sunset

Title: Sunrise, sunset
Author: Raven June
Fandom: Underworld
Characters: Selene/Michael
Prompt: 012 Sunset & 05 Forever
Genre: Het
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 472
Warnings: Spoilers from the movie
Summary: Selene enjoys the few peaceful minutes she has before Michael wakes up.
Disclaimer: DNO. Lyrics at the beginning are from Aiden's song "Last sunrise".
Authors notes: Written for the [info]100_tales & 10_vampires 

sunrise, sunsetCollapse )
Title: Building Bridges
Fandom: Original
Rating: R/NC-17
Pairing(s)/Character(s): Lyla Danvers/Marcus Andreas Argent
Warning(s): Fairly vanilla heterosexual intercourse.
Disclaimer: All mine!
Notes: This is actually kind of ridiculously fluffy, but probably isn't going to set a trend.

( Read here )

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